About Being A Panelist

Our panels of health professionals are in place because our clients want the opinions and feedback of key professionals that impact their products and services. On an occasional basis, panelists will be invited to complete a survey by telephone, mail, or via our secure Internet site.

Frequency of contact
As a panelist you can expect to be asked to participate as frequently as weekly, in a tracking study, or as infrequently as quarterly. The frequency of survey invitations typically depends upon client demand, but we will do our best not to over burden you. Since most of our studies require random national samples, the selection of a panelist at any given time is really up to the luck of the draw.

DMD will invite you to a survey or interview using one of several methods: Telephone, Fax, Mail, or e-mail if you are also an e-Panelist.

DMD recognizes your professional workload and will never pressure you into accepting a survey assignment. The value of your time will be respected and we expect you will have to decline participation on some surveys or telephone interviews. For ALL surveys or interviews you complete, you will receive an honorarium. While honoraria are typically given in cash, payments may also be in the form of a gift certificate or prize. DMD will always disclose the honorarium amount in advance of a survey or interview.

***Payments totalling over $600 anually will require that a 1099 form be issued to you for tax purposes.

As an E-panelist
Many of our studies require are conducted online, but a traditional telephone, mail or facsimile based studies are also used. Smart phones such as iPhone and Droid may be used for certain types of surveys. You will be notified of such an option.

If for any reason, you would like to have your name removed from our panel, you must contact knisiewicz@ksrinc.com and type "REMOVE" in the subject heading, or simply reply to any e-mail and type "REMOVE" in the subject heading.

As always, DMD respects your need for privacy. For more details about our security and privacy policy, please click here.

Our Confidentiality Statement:
DMD, a division of KS&R, Inc., is an independent provider of survey research, primarily for the healthcare industry including pharma/biotech. DMD is not associated or affiliated with any retail drug chain, independent drug store, pharmaceutical manufacturer or other manufacturer or retailer.

It is DMD policy that personal information is private and confidential. We collect information only as volunteered by the respondent in surveys. All information provided in reports is summarized in aggregate and no individually identifiable responses are revealed. Personal information supplied by respondents is provided voluntarily and is used strictly for demographic purposes and to distribute any compensation. We do not, nor will we ever, distribute personal information to third parties unless express permission by the survey respondent is granted.