Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to questions often asked of us in the process of building and maintaining panels

Q. What does "join the panel" mean?
A. It simply means that we are asking your permission to add you to our database of similar professionals to contact you to participate in future online or traditional surveys, including telephone interviews. This panel is for research purposes only and you will not be "sold to" in any way. Your willingness to participate in individual research projects is completely your decision.

Q. Can I tell other fellow healthcare professionals (Ph. D, MD) to join the panel?
A. Yes! Just email and state "Join Panel" in the subject line.

Q. Where to I enroll to become a panelist?
A. Click on one of the following links:
Retail Pharmacist
Hospital Pharmacist
Specialty Pharmacist

Q. Are Delta Dynamics and Delta Marketing Dynamics the same company?
A. We often refer to "Delta Dynamics" during telephone studies, and it is interchangeable with Delta Marketing Dynamics. We are owned by KS&R and so you might see DMD or KS&R on communications.

Q. What do you do with the information I provide?
A. We report the responses (or data) collected in aggregate form, and do not reveal participant identifiable information unless explicitly agreed to by the respondent.

Q. What is the information used for?
A. Like most marketing research, the responses (or data) provided by participants is used to help the commissioning company or organization serve its market better. The information gathered is used to make more meaningful decisions.

Q. Am I obligated to participate in every survey or interview request that I receive?
A. You are not obligated to participate in every study. You do not have a contractual obligation of any kind with DMD. Although we would like to have your participation with most requests, we recognize this may not be possible.

Q. How much time is typically involved for each survey or interview request?
A. The time necessary to complete a survey or interview varies with each study. Generally, most telephone surveys require three to five minutes. More involved studies may require 10 to 30 minutes in which case interview times are scheduled with you. Self-administered or on-line surveys may require up to10 minutes. Your compensation ("or Honoraria") varies based on the complexity and length of the study.

Q. What compensation is offered for participation?
A. Honoraria for survey or interview participation varies with time requirements. DMD will compensate you for each survey or telephone interview. Checks or other honoraria may be made payable to you or given directly to a charity of your choice.

Q. Is compensation reported to the IRS?
A. No. If you receive more than $600 in a calendar year you will receive a 1099 form.

Q. How can I contact you if I have any questions or concerns?
A. KS&R can be reached by the following:
• Phone: (315) 470-1350
• E-mail:

Q. If I move or have a title change, what action should I take?
A. In the event of a career or company change, please let DMD know by e-mail, telephone, or by indicating on a survey we have mailed.

Q. What if my store/pharmacy or office has a policy about providing certain types of information or data?
A. DMD does not know the specific policies of stores/pharmacies or offices. DMD will interpret and assume that your participation in a study is acceptable by store/pharmacy or office management.